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With a view of the big picture and an eye for detail, the Arredondo proprietary method focuses on savings, optimization, and recovery.
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Corporate Philosophy

Exceed customer's expectations by investigating and reviewing current and future utility reates before providing customer with potential energy contracts. We do this for existing plants or expansion projects in order to maximize plant and ystem operations, reduce over head costs, and enhance the customer's profit margin.

No two factors are the same, which is why we follow a stes-by-step process that examines in detail all aspects of your utility suppliers from the physical location of your meters down to every line item in your building.


To obtain a comprehensive understanding of your unique needs and utility supplier's history we need to create a profile for your facility.

  • Historical Utility Data

  • Facilities Physical Data

  • Historical Location Data

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Now that we have in-depth knowledge of your facilities, we can create a conservation and sustainability plan that targets the most savings in the least amount of time. Here is what a typical plan may cover:

  • Bill Monitoring/Overcharge Recovery – for items such as incorrect meter readings, demand charges, credits, applicable discounts and allowances, and taxes. We will also review the applicability of tariffs for possible misclassification by the utilities and that all contracted rates are being applied correctly.

  • Rate Optimization – reviews your present rates and recommend rate reduction opportunities through optional rates, incentive programs, or new negotiated rates and term contracts.

  • Power Factor Correction & Meter Consolidation – review your electric usage history and bills to investigate for power factor penalties and potential meter consolidation to reduce pass-through charges and demand ratchet charges to take advantage of any incentive programs.

  • Predominant Use Studies – completed major predominant use studies that required in-depth technical knowledge of Heating and Cooling equipment along with he associated energy required for dehumidification of clean room and manufacturing areas. Our past experience in industrial engineering with Central Power and Light (American Electric Power) enables the firm
    to accurately separate the energy consumption required for manufacturing. The firm also works predominant use studies in conjunction with experienced ex-state auditors to ensure that all current applicable tax laws and rules are taken into account in the studies. As a team, our firms provide each client with the best opportunity for tax exemption and defend the study if needed during audits. The team efforts provide our clients with the peace of mind, knowing that all the energy and tax advantages were prepared by experts in their respective fields

  • HVAC and Thermal Storage Review – conceptual master plans for several highly specialized HVAC system designs, including medium and high-pressure duct distribution systems, VAV supply, and thermal storage systems. Projects have been completed in industrial buildings, hospitals, medical buildings, and central plant facilities. The firm has worked extensively with
    chilled water systems and water thermal storage. Possible implementation of energy management software to track and optimize the energy consumption of the central plants to reduce chiller energy and demand spikes.

  • Demand Response/DSM Projects – complete building and industrial audits which range from customer equipment scheduling to plant manufacturing process rescheduling to reduce unnecessary demand spikes on electrical utility companies and participate in the ERCOT Demand Response program to create a revenue stream. Several chiller, thermal energy storage, and high efficiency motor master plans have been developed for customers in harmony with utility goals to allow for infrastructure constraints and demand management for the mutual benefit of the utility and customer.

  • Boiler Optimization – evaluation of boiler efficiencies and consumption for energy cost reduction measures as well as providing documentation for manufacturing tax exemption.


Once you have approved the Plan, we then put it into action. We do all the negotiations, file all paperwork, and create all supporting documentation. We manage the plan for you so you can focus on your job.

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We monitor and audit all your energy bills on a monthly basis to be able to trend energy usage patterns from the previous year compared to the present year on a customized excel spreadsheet. We will retain all the usage on a per meter basis for as many years as we manage your energy. We can readily produce reports that will identify your energy cost per kWh and per square foot for any year or period that we have been monitoring your bills. This allows you to track the energy cost reductions through reducing energy consumption and/or contract negotiations and procurement.

We have the capability of installing software to monitor your central plant and energy management system to provide easy tracking of the real costs of your operating equipment on a web based accessible system along with providing text and email alerts for equipment operating outside established parameters and the possible malfunctions and solutions.

We continually improve our method to include the latest cost saving technologies and best practices.

We have a history of success, just check out our client page to see how we have helped other companies and organizations.



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Utility Release Form

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If you are a new client or looking for some answers to your complicated utility bills, this utility Release Form allows us to access Historical Data so that we can investigate incorrect meter readings, demand charges, credits, applicable discounts, allowances, and applicable taxes. We will provide you a free report on our findings for your peace of mind. Overcharge Recovery is one of our strong pints and we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients in the past. We also review the applicability of tariffs for possible misclassifications by the utilities and that all contracted rates are being applied correctly.

Our goal is to create a Conservation & sustainability Plan that will save you money. Rate Optimization is a key component to long term savings and is accomplished by reviewing your present rates and recommending rate reduction opportunities through optional rates, incentive programs, or new negotiated rates and energy contracts.

So here's what you need to do:

  1. Download the Utility Release Form (PDF or Word Doc) below.

  2. Fill in the form, sign, and date it.

  3. Scan the signed and completed form.

  4. Attach Excel spreadsheet of ESID's if more than 5.

  5. Send the form to

Not a client yet?

A Conservation & Sustainability Plan from Marco A. Arredondo, Inc. will save you money. We look at your facility and your consumption to develop a clear proposal with saving projections using our proprietary system. Increase profits now by taking control of your energy costs.

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